Wednesday, April 19, 2006

snatched from the Morning Mail

What are you doing next Saturday? I hope I'll be in Petteruti.

From: "Anne Fausto-Sterling Ph.D"
To: All Students, All Faculty

Subject: Science in the Public Eye: An Exciting Symposium

Save the date!! April 29th 10 to 4, "Science in the Public Eye" Petteruti Lounge.

10 am: "Must the Media Always Inflame Public Controversies about Science?"

11:15 am: "Mining in the West: Who Pays for the Cleanup?"

1:30 pm: "Impertinent Questions and Bloody Fingers"

2:45 pm: "Teach Globally, Learn Locally: Telling Universal Stories about Particular Places"

Moderator: Catherine Imbriglio, Brown University

More info:

I wish I was successful at Biology. Ok I don't wish but I don't like being a total failure.

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